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Meet  Jane

Hi, my name is Jane Allen - I'm so happy you have made it to Reframe Careers.


Welcome to a space where careers are reframed and possibilities unfold.

I don’t believe in one right career path or fix-all solutions. Change is everywhere, continually influencing both ourselves and the world around us. I can help you explore your career possibilities and make a decision that is right for you now. I encourage dynamic or "flexible" goal setting so you can notice other opportunities if they arise. 

My career path has taken many twists and turns. I used to worry that all these changes would disadvantage me as I had a limiting belief that a career-for-life path is the only measure of success. I later realised these shifts fostered a love of learning and made me more adaptable.


We are all a work in progress and the best journeys are not always in a straight line!

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I work with

High School Students (Year 11-12)
Young adults (18-25 years)
Individuals seeking a mid-career transition 
Neurodivergent individuals (ADHD, Autism)
NDIS Participants
Mums returning to the workforce after a career break 

My  Approach

I help people going through career transitions to discover hope and take meaningful action. I do this by combining my qualifications in Career Counselling and Rehabilitation Counselling with resourcefulness, authenticity, empathy, and kindness.

I can help you identify your unique strengths as well consider your drivers, values and interests and how they can help find meaning in a career. If personal career challenges are identified, we can work together to view them differently and creatively. You may recognise ways you are already adapting to change by taking risks, trying things out or learning from mistakes! This approach can help you manage the continual change and uncertainty that we all face in our careers.

My personal and parenting journey involves navigating mental health challenges and understanding neurodiversity. This has shaped my strengths-based and neuro-affirming approach.

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My  Qualifications


  • Graduate Certificate in Education (Career Development), ACU   

  • Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling, University of Sydney 

  • Bachelor of Education, University of Wollongong 

Additional Training and Education 

  • Simply ADHD course - ADD Coach Academy

  • Morrisby Accredited Career Counsellor 

  • Orygen Training Module - Vocational Recovery for Young People with Mental Ill-Health 

  • Activating Resilience Course, Purple Co (based on the The Resilience Doughnut, The Resilience Centre)

  • NDIS Worker Check Clearance number: 61626341

Professional Memberships

  • Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)

  • Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC)

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