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Stuck or Confused?

Support Young Adults

Reframe Careers can offer you a realistic approach which moves away from the industrial-age view of a “job for life” and responds to the continually changing nature of both you and the modern world of work.  

Have you heard the following career advice?

"Follow Your Passion!" 

"Do What You Love"

Although well-meaning, these phrases can be unhelpful and unrealistic! 


  • You don't have a specific "passion" ?

  • You have a passion BUT can it earn an income?

  • After leaving school, you started down one path but now you're not sure it's for you?

The modern world of work holds so many opportunities.....

...but this can also feel really overwhelming! 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

I don't believe in one right path or needing to have it all worked out. 

I can help you



  • Learn about yourself 

  • Find out more about the world of work 

  • Make decisions that are right for you

  • Recognise your strengths and what is already in place 

  • Talk about anything that is getting in your way 

We work with:

Young adults (18-25 years) 

Year 10, 11 & 12 Students*

*Please note Reframe Careers does not provide information on NSW ATAR HSC Scaling due to the complexity and ever-changing nature of this process. Career conversations involving HSC subject decisions are based on self-awareness, career exploration and pre-requisites of potential study options. It is recommended that you refer to your school careers advisor to investigate scaling in depth. 



I am a Morrisby Certified Career Advisor.  This tool collects information on your aptitudes (strengths), career interests, values, personality type, and skills. It then blends this information to generate career and study suggestions. It is extremely useful for Year 10 students looking at subject selection, and Year 11 & 12 students to gain understanding of themselves and the world of work.

It can also be beneficial for use with young adults, especially those who may have started a university degree but are unsure if they would like to continue it.  

The psychometric profile within the Morrisby Profile includes timed assessments of:

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Abstract Reasoning

  • Mechanical Reasoning

  • Spatial Reasoning


Untimed aspirations and a personality questionnaire are also included. An extensive range of career information and exploration resources are also available via your own personal online portal for ongoing use.

Reframe (6).png



1 hour session $189

1 hour session with Morrisby Profiling (includes cost of test and follow up session) $240 

3 x 1 hour session package $540  

3 x 1 hour session package with Morrisby Profiling $590  

Schedule a call to discuss your situation to determine if I can be useful to you or your high school student.

All fees are inclusive of GST, preparation and follow up time.

Virtual and in-person sessions available. 

In-person sessions are at St Leonards, Macquarie Park or Balmain. 

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