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What is a Rehabilitation Counsellor?

Rehabilitation Counselling plays a very important role in helping people adapt to huge life changes.

In addition to being a qualified Career Counsellor, I am also a Rehabilitation Counsellor.

"Rehabilitation counsellors assist people living with disabilities, health conditions or social disadvantage to undertake employment, live independently and access services in the community", Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC).

I work as an Rehabilitation Counsellor at Royal Rehab where I partner with people to explore their work, study and volunteering possibilities following spinal cord injury.

My fellow Rehab Counsellors are also supporting their specific client base in very different settings! Our work is wide reaching and diverse as showcased in the amazing film clip below created by Erin Fearn Smith which was played after the 2022 ASORC conference.

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