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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I had a moment of reflection today when looking at my bookshelf and seeing the 5 career books that have impacted me personally and influenced my work with clients:

#1: Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career For You Through the Secrets of Personality Type (Tieger, Barron & Tieger)

In my 20s, I picked this book up and soon realised that I could seek out work that was a match with my strengths and values rather than trying to fit myself into a mould in a mismatched environment (and beating myself up for it!).

#2: The Chaos Theory of Careers (Pryor & Bright)

I received a copy at Jim Bright's 3-day Career Counselling, Coaching & Assessment workshop in 2016. It has helped me embrace and celebrate my non-linear career and start to let go of the need to control everything all of the time!

#3: Hope-Filled Engagement (Poehnell & Amundson)

The tools in this book have helped me to provide hope of future employment for my clients with spinal cord injuries over the past 8 years at Royal Rehab.

#4: The Squiggly Career (Tupper and Ellis)

This has been a recent read and so helpful with my own career development! Tupper and Ellis provide practical strategies to manage our new "squiggly careers" in the modern world of work.

#5: Designing Your Life (Evans & Burnett)

My new favourite! Love the idea of applying design thinking to careers.

Next on the list for "Reframe Reads":

This Working Life : How to Navigate Your Career in Uncertain Times (Lisa Leong and Monique Ross.

What books have influenced your career?

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