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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

LinkedIn voice notes can be a powerful way to connect with others in a world saturated by text messages and emails!

When I was younger, I used to phone my friends and have hour long conversations. Skip forward to 2022 and I let most of my calls go to voice mail as its “never the right time”. I roll my eyes and think “just text me like everyone else!”.

During the second lockdown I became even more addicted to my phone than I was before. The written information overload was real, and I found myself doom scrolling more than ever. My lovely friend, Bec, started to leave daily voice mails for myself and other Mum friends. I loved it as it really helped to feel connected which is essential for me as one of my core values in life is connection.

I then attended LinkedIn expert Karen Tisdell’s LinkedIn workshop where she encouraged us use LinkedIn voice notes to say thank you after a contact has accepted our invitation to connect.

If you are considering a career change, LinkedIn can help you connect with people who are working in careers and industries that you are interested or curious about. This form of networking allows you to try things out so you can imagine your future self in a new career!

I believe voice notes are a great channel to introduce yourself and your purpose which will make others more likely to accept a request to meet for an informational interview. Humanising your approach through voice allows you to express yourself using both tone and your personality. It helps you stand out in a world of text messages and emails!

John Espirian explains exactly how to use a LinkedIn voice notes with graphics and a YouTube video in his useful article

I’ve been using voice notes over the past few months with some wins and some learning experiences!


1) It's best not to send a voice note as your first message to a new contact. Always ask a

new contact to connect first with a short accompanying text note accompanying

connection request.

2) The voice message does not need to being perfect! The main aim is be genuine to use tone and your personality to connect.

3) Practice by sending your first voice note to a friend or partner.

4) Keep in mind that some people will always prefer text messages over voice notes. Use

your judgement. I use voice messages when I want to convey a message or make a request based on purpose or values.

5) GIVE IT A TRY - Comment below and let me know how you go!

Connect with Reframe Careers to discuss your career change and gain additional support with career investigation, networking and most importantly trying things out!

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1 comentário

Rebecca Packman
Rebecca Packman
19 de jul. de 2022

Such great tips for dipping your toe into leaving voice notes. It feels strange to do initially but is really nice when someone replies with their voice and foes add to the connection you build with them. A lovely read, thanks for writing this Jane.

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